Lincoln Log Podcast Launches

The Abraham Lincoln Association launched its first original podcast, Lincoln Log. The podcast series is hosted by various ALA directors interviewing leading historians and other officials about their stories, research, and wisdom. All podcasts are available for free on the ALA’s website here, through various podcast platforms (including iTunes and Spotify), and also on the … Read more

Richard Carwardine – 2018 Annual Banquet Speaker

As an undergraduate at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in the 1960s, Richard Carwardine took his BA in Modern History. After graduation, he took up the Ochs- Oakes Graduate Scholarship in American History at The Queen’s College, Oxford; he spent a year at the University of California, Berkeley, during an era of campus convulsions (1969-70). “”

Welcome to The Abraham Lincoln Association

Welcome to The Abraham Lincoln Association The Abraham Lincoln Association was organized in 1908 to spearhead the national celebration of Lincoln’s one hundredth birthday. Today the Association continues this tradition by bringing in distinguished speakers to commemorate Lincoln’s birthday, and presents an afternoon Symposium featuring leading Lincoln scholars.

Russell Lewis Jr.

“The history community has lost a true champion and the ALA has lost a good friend and member of our Board of Directors with the death of Russell Lewis, Jr. We send our condolences to his family.” ~ Bob Willard

Mr. Lincoln and Mrs. Partington

by Dr. James M. Cornelius Was Abraham Lincoln a rube or a well-read man? His brief meeting with one of England’s wealthiest and oldest aristocrats casts an interesting light upon this debate. The young Marquis of Hartington, heir to the Duke of Devonshire and representing a cotton-manufacturing district, held a junior post in Lord Palmerston’s … Read more

Mary Lincoln and the Swings

by Ann Ricker The decline of Mary Lincoln’s mental condition is a major theme of her life during the period from 1866 until her commitment for insanity in 1875. The elusive question of the exact nature of her illness includes a topic that is perhaps easier to grasp—the amount of social isolation that she experienced, … Read more

Lincoln’s Springfield – The Underground Railroad

By Richard E. Hart For a number of years I have been curious about the possible presence of the Underground Railroad in Lincoln’s Springfield. As a child on Sunday afternoon drives west of Springfield, my parents pointed out the small village of Farmingdale and told me that there had once been an Underground Railroad station … Read more

Illinois Ideological Battlegound of the Nation

by Daniel Willis The Lincoln-Douglas Debates occupy a unique position in Illinois history. For a short time, the Prairie State represented and highlighted the divisive forces affecting the nation. In the aftermath of the debates, the positions held by Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas came to be seen as a direct conflict of two … Read more