The Abraham Lincoln Association

A Milestone Weekend for the ALA in Kalamazoo

On August 26, 2023, the Abraham Lincoln Association (ALA) had the honor of participating in a momentous event in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The occasion? The statue commemorates Abraham Lincoln’s singular visit to the state on August 28, 1856. The statue is over seven feet tall and was sculpted by Bill Wolfe of Terry Haute, Indiana.

This statue not only serves as a tribute to Lincoln but also marks his historic journey to Kalamazoo in support of John C. Fremont’s presidential campaign. Intriguingly, this was the only time Lincoln ever set foot in Michigan, making the event all the more significant.

Connecting with the Community
The event also provided a unique opportunity to connect with ALA members residing in Michigan. The conversations were both enlightening and inspiring. The ALA received gracious acknowledgment from the podium for its contributions to the event, underscoring the impact of the ALA’s work to furthering Lincoln’s legacy.

A Weekend to Remember
The event in Kalamazoo was a resounding success and a memorable weekend for the ALA. It not only allowed the ALA to engage with the community but also to reflect on the enduring relevance of Abraham Lincoln’s life and ideals.