Lincoln Cottage to be Rebuilt

The original cottage where Abraham Lincoln and his family lived before it was expanded into what we now call the Lincoln Home will be reconstructed and opened to visitors under an initiative by The Abraham Lincoln Association. The ALA launched a $400,000 fund drive to acquire land in the 600 block of Eighth Street between […]

Lincoln Log Podcast Launches

The Abraham Lincoln Association launched its first original podcast, Lincoln Log. The podcast series is hosted by various ALA directors interviewing leading historians and other officials about their stories, research, and wisdom. All podcasts are available for free on the ALA’s website here, through various podcast platforms (including iTunes and Spotify), and also on the […]

Lincoln Musical Marks World Premiere

The play Here I Grew Up marks its world premiere this month at the Lincoln Amphitheatre celebrating Abraham Lincoln and his formative boyhood years in southern Indiana.

Russell Lewis Jr.

“The history community has lost a true champion and the ALA has lost a good friend and member of our Board of Directors with the death of Russell Lewis, Jr. We send our condolences to his family.” ~ Bob Willard

Welcome to The Abraham Lincoln Association

Welcome to The Abraham Lincoln Association The Abraham Lincoln Association was organized in 1908 to spearhead the national celebration of Lincoln’s one hundredth birthday. Today the Association continues this tradition by bringing in distinguished speakers to commemorate Lincoln’s birthday, and presents an afternoon Symposium featuring leading Lincoln scholars.

Mr. Lincoln and Mrs. Partington

by Dr. James M. Cornelius Was Abraham Lincoln a rube or a well-read man? His brief meeting with one of England’s wealthiest and oldest aristocrats casts an interesting light upon this debate. The young Marquis of Hartington, heir to the Duke of Devonshire and representing a cotton-manufacturing district, held a junior post in Lord Palmerston’s […]

Teaching Abraham Lincoln in the Classroom

The Abraham Lincoln Association has financially supported the development of educational materials for the use of teachers in the classroom.  Those materials are now online and may be accessed below: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War: A Document-Based Unit for the High School Classroom Curriculum developed by Richard Schwartz, Coordinator, Social StudiesWhippany Park High School, […]

Lincoln’s Second Inauguration

by Thomas F. Schwartz In the autumn 1999 issue of this newsletter I published an excerpt from the diary of Solomon Wieder Hagerty (February 28, 1842–January 29, 1867) who served in the United States Marine Corps, from 1864 through 1866. The following entry vividly describes the events of March 4, 1865, for Abraham Lincoln’s second […]