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On the Lincoln Log podcast we speak with leading historians and other officials about their stories, research, and wisdom. Expand your knowledge and indulge your curiosity here on Lincoln Log.

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Our American Story

Our American Story features a collection of provocative essays by leading thinkers and public figures addressing the same central question—what is the unifying American story? Following decades of tribal division, we lack a central story to celebrate and enrich with deeper meaning. This book explores whether a unifying story can be achieved and, if so, what that story may be.

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Abe’s Youth

Abe’s Youth, co-edited with William “Bill” Bartelt, unearths vital primary source material and provides the first fully annotated edition of Lincoln Inquiry papers. This volume offers indispensable reading for anyone hoping to investigate Abraham Lincoln’s youth and serves as a gateway for general readers into the environment of Lincoln’s early life.

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