The Abraham Lincoln Association educational and study courses recommendations for anyone seeking to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and the history of his life. The links below are great resources for individuals and classrooms alike. We hope to continue to add to this list as we research and grow our site.


The Gilder Lehrman Instutue of American History

The Gilder Lehrman Instutue of American History website is an excellent resource for history and a great place to find education material suitable for classrooms and teachers.

The Americas to 1620

Colonization and Settlement, 1585-1763

American Revolution, 1763-1783

African American History

American Indian History

Art, Music, Theater, and Film

Books & Pamphlets

Broadsides & Posters

Diaries & journals


Syllabus for Understanding Lincoln Online Course

An open online graduate course that aspires to create the kind of learning experience that Lincoln would have embraced.


The Railsplitter

Honest Abe

Father Abraham

Great Emancipator

Savior of the Union

Abraham Lincoln Association Publications

Since 1909, the Abraham Lincoln Association has published several serials and a number of books as part of its mission to support continued scholarship on Abraham Lincoln’s life and world.


Through the ongoing efforts of the Abraham Lincoln
Association, most of these materials are now available online in electronic form.

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