Keller Family Donation Honors Association

By Thomas F. Schwartz As the line between news and entertainment continues to blur in our postmodern culture it is not surprising that a handful of protesters at the unveiling of a statue of Abraham Lincoln and Tad in the former Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, received national attention. Vitriolic statements comparing Lincoln to a … Read more

Another Look at Abraham Lincoln as a Lobbyist

By Ronald S. Vasile In 1999, while going through the annual reports of the Board of Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, I found a reference to Abraham Lincoln.1 Not finding this fact mentioned in Wayne Temple’s earlier work on Lincoln and the canal,2 I notified Chuck Cali of the Illinois State Archives and … Read more

Class Project The Distribution of Schools Named After Abraham Lincoln

By David Rapaport As a middle school teacher, I devote a great deal of time to assuring that students master a challenging set of district and state standards relating to historical facts, events, and people. Wedded to these standards are expectations that students will learn to become skilled information gatherers and processors. Students are naturally … Read more

A History of the Lincoln Group of New York

by Joseph E. Garrera On March 6, 1978, a gathering of more than thirty students of the Lincoln theme participated in a special meeting in New York City. Their objective was the establishment of a local organization dedicated to studying the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. New York had not always been without an … Read more

Did the Lincoln Family Employ a Slave in 1849? 1850?

by Allen C. Guelzo Four times in his great debates with Stephen A. Douglas, Abraham Lincoln fended off Douglas’s accusation that the abolition of slavery would lead to the wholesale social and sexual mixing of the races. Few white Americans in the mid-nineteenth century were free from the obsession that race, color, and racial boundaries … Read more

Abraham Lincoln Association Endowment Progress

by Dr. Robert S. Eckley The new Abraham Lincoln Association Endowment Fund is nearing the end of its first full year with contributions from ten donors. An endowment procedure is in place, and the initial investment placements have been made. We invite all ALA members and friends to consider gifts that will enable it to … Read more

Another Questioned Lincoln Photograph

When the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles exhibited Jackie Napoleon Wilson’s superb collection of African American daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes, it became an instant success garnering national attention. The exhibition featured the best images from the collections of the Getty Museum and Wilson. [embeddoc url=”” download=”all”]  

Ten True Lies About Abraham Lincoln Part 1

by Allen C. Guelzo In 1860, Abraham Lincoln told Chicago journalist John Locke Scripps: “Why, Scripps, it is a great piece of folly to attempt to make anything out of my early life. It can all be condensed into a single sentence . . . ‘The short and simple annals of the poor.’ That’s my … Read more

Will the Real Jack Kelso Please Stand Up?

by Mary Turner Well-educated, fat, lazy, reliable, utterly worthless, happy, and impractical genius—all of these words have been used in the literature on Abraham Lincoln to describe John “Jack” Kelso. Just exactly who was Jack Kelso and what kind of person was he? About the only thing all of the authors agree on is that … Read more