Dr. Hans Trefousse and the Writing of History

By Joseph E. Garrera

The writing of history is an argument without end. While most historians eventually retire from their formal professions, they seldom retire from writing about and researching the past. One such example is found in the amazing career of Dr. Hans. L. Trefousse, author of The Radical Republicans: Lincoln’s Vanguard for Racial Justice (1969). I recently sat down with Trefousse in his Long Island home to discuss his forthcoming book, his work as a scholar, and his thoughts on the Radical Republicans during the Civil War. Born in Frankfort, Germany, in 1920, Trefousse was forced to flee his homeland in 1936. Relocating to New York, he graduated from the City College of New York in 1942. That same year he entered the United States Army to defend America. By the end of World War II and the conclusion of his military service, he had been awarded two Bronze Stars and one Purple Heart.

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