Other Abraham Lincoln Publications

One of the major projects of The Abraham Lincoln Association in recent years has been the digitization of ALA prior publications so that they may be placed on-line and be available to the world through the ALA website. The links below will take you to those ALA publications that are now on-line as a result of this project.

Lincoln In Illinois

To commemorate the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth: To commemorate the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth, the Abraham Lincoln Association published a book of photographs of statues of Lincoln located throughout Illinois. The photographs were taken by award winning Chicago photographer Ron Schramm.  

Lincoln Monographs

Sample's From This Collection:

Lincoln’s Springfield: Elizabeth Jane Todd Grimsley Brown ‘Cousin Lizzie’ (1825-1895)

Elizabeth Jane Todd Grimsley Brown was a Todd. She was Mary Todd Lincoln’s favorite cousin. They were childhood friends and Elizabeth was a bridesmaid at Mary’s wedding in 1842. She was present at every important life event of Mary and Abraham Lincoln and they affectionately referred to her as “Cousin Lizze.”

Stephen Berry, author of House of Abraham, argues that Abraham Lincoln was, in fact, a Todd more than a Lincoln. Lincoln‘s entire adult life was “awash in a sea of Todds.” He married a Todd, dated a different Todd, loafed with Todds, confided in Todds, benefited from Todds, and benefited Todds in return. Indeed, Lincoln‘s adult life was permeated so much by his wife‘s family, argues Berry, that Lincoln had a deeper relationship with his wife‘s family than with his own. The result, as Berry shows, is that one cannot truly understand Abraham Lincoln‘s personal, professional, and political lives without understanding his relationship to the Todd family.