The Logan Hay Medal

The purpose of the Logan Hay Medal is to recognize individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the mission of the association: to observe each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln; to preserve and make more accessible the landmarks associated with his life; and to actively encourage, promote and aid the collection and dissemination of authentic information regarding all phases of his life and career.

Established in 1967 by the Association and Logan Hay descendants in honor of Logan Hay, who played an important part in the formative years of the Association. The bronze medal is awarded infrequently and is the highest honor given by the Association.


Robert J. Lenz

Richard E. Hart

Earl W. Henderson, Jr.

Molly M. Becker

Robert S. Eckley & Georgia Northrup

Thomas F. Schwartz
Illinois State Historian

Cullom Davis
Director, The Lincoln Legal Papers

Don E. Fehrenbacher

Author and teacher, for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of Lincoln scholarship

Richard N. Current

Author and teacher, for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of Lincoln scholarship

Floyd S. Barringer, M.D.

President of the Association, for his service to the Association and to his efforts in resuming a regular publication program resulting in The Papers of the Abraham Lincoln Association

Paul Findley

Congressman of the 20th Illinois District, for his untiring efforts in the creation of the Lincoln Home National Historic Park

Nelson O. Howarth
Mayor of Springfield, for the constancy of his efforts in preserving the Lincoln Home Area as a worthy memorial to Abraham Lincoln

George W. Bunn Jr.
President of the Association, for his guidance of the Association and most especially in the production of the Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

Oliver J. Keller

President of the Association, posthumously, for his efforts in re-activating the Association and restoration of the Old State Capitol

Otto Kerner

Governor of Illinois, for his efforts in the restoration of the Old State Capitol

Hay-Nicolay Dissertation

The purpose of the Hay-Nicolay Dissertation Prize is to recognize and encourage young scholars to conduct research on Abraham Lincoln and his times. An annual prize of $1,000 is underwritten by the Lincoln Institute and the Abraham Lincoln Association.

The Abraham Lincoln Association and the Abraham Lincoln Institute, Inc. select the recipients. The first year, both organizations selected recipients. The award alternates between each organization from year to year. A panel of five scholars representing each entity serves as the jury.


Thomas J. Kernan

Sounding 'The Mystic chords of Memory': Musical Memorials for Abraham Lincoln, 1865-2009
University of Cincinnati, 2015

Sarah Bischoff Paulus

Abraham Lincoln’s Northwestern Approach to the Secession Crisis
Rice University, 2013

Kimberly N. Kutz

Lincoln's Ghosts: The Posthumous Career of an American Icon
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Jarod Peatman

The Long Shadow of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Texas A and M University

Cynthia Nicoletti

The great question of the War :the legal status of secession in the aftermath of the American Civil War, 1865-1869
Dr. Nicoletti is an Assistant Professor of Law, Mississippi College School of Law

John Barr

The Anti-Lincoln Tradition in American Life
Dr. Barr is the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History, Columbia University.

Jonathan W. White

To Aid Their Rebel Friends': Politics and Treason in the Civil War North
University of Maryland at College Park.
The dissertation will be published by Louisiana State University Press.
Dr. White is Assistant Professor of American Studies at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia

Robert J. Johnson, Jr.

Trial by Fire: Abraham Lincoln and the Law
CUNY Graduate School and University Center
Dr. Johnson is Associate Professor in Liberal Arts at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York

No award given

Russell McClintock

Shall it be Peace or a Sword? Northern Political Culture and the Crisis of Secession, 1860-1861
Clark University
The dissertation was then published as Lincoln and the Decision for War: The Northern Response to Secession
(University of North Carolina Press, 2008)
Dr. McClintock teaches at Saint John's High School in Massachusetts

David Work

Lincoln's Political Generals
Texas A & M University
The dissertation was then published as Lincoln's Political Generals
(University of Illinois Press, 2009)
Dr. Work is Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Texas A & M University at Qatar.

Jennifer Weber

The Civil War and Northern Society
Princeton University
The dissertation was then published as Copperheads: The Rise and Fall of Lincoln's Opponents in the North
(Oxford University Press, 2006)
Dr. Weber is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Kansas

Matthew Parks

Self-Evident No More: American Political Thought, 1820-1850
Boston University
Dr. Parks is Assistant Provost and a Lecturer in Politics at The King's College in New York City

Graham A. Peck

The Social and Cultural Origins of Sectional Politics: Illinois from Statehood to Civil War
Northwestern University
Dr. Peck is Associate Professor of History at St. Xavier University (Chicago, Illinois)

Brian Dirck

Mystic Chords: Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, American Imagined Community, 1808-1860
University of Kansas
Dr. Dirck is Professor of History at Anderson University (Indiana)
Books: Lincoln and Davis: Imagining America, 1809-1865 (2001)
Waging War on Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents (On Trial) (2003)

Stewart Winger

Lincoln's Religious Rhetoric: American Romanticism and the Antislavery Impulse
University of Chicago
Dr. Winger is Associate Professor of History at Illinois State University.
Book: Lincoln, Religion, and Romantic Cultural Politics (2003)

Deren Kellogg
The Lincoln Administration and the Southwestern Territories
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Abraham Lincoln Association Student Award Winners

The purpose of the Abraham Lincoln Student Award is to recognize the best research paper and best media project on Abraham Lincoln submitted at the annual Illinois History Exposition.

Projects are developed by students in middle school and high school. Two five-hundred dollar prizes are available each year. Winners often go on to compete at the National History Fair.

Award Winners

Danny Rubin

Anish Bhattacharya

Carbondale Community High School, Carbondale, Illinois

Stefan Djordjevic

Niles West High School, Niles, Illinois

Olivia M. Kelleher

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858, St. Giles School, Oak Park, Illinois


Tony Cao
Abraham Lincoln, Carbondale Community High School, Carbondale, Illinois

David Garvey
The First Abraham Lincoln Museum, Blessed Sacrament School, Springfield, Illinois


David Hullinger
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates and Their Effect on the 1860 Presidential Election, Grace Lutheran School, Chicago, Illinois


Roger Waite
Civil War Censorship and the Suppression of the Chicago Times, Lincoln Park High School

Priyanka Chaudhary
Lincoln’s Changing Views on Slavery, Lincoln Magnet School, Springfield, Illinois


Daniel Willis
Illinois: Ideological Battleground of the Nation, University High School, Normal, Illinois

Lincoln the Lawyer Award

The purpose of the Lincoln the Lawyer Award is to recognize individuals who reflect the character and ideals of Abraham Lincoln in their legal careers. The award is given infrequently.

Award Winners

Thomas S. Johnson
Rockford, Illinois

Richard L. Thies
Attorney, Urbana, Illinois

Hon. Frank J. Williams
Retired Supreme Court Justice of Rhode Island

Elmer Gertz
World-renowned Chicago Civil Rights Attorney

Joseph H. Hartzler
United States Attorney for the Central District of Illinois

The Honorable Richard Mills
United States District Judge for the Central District of Illinois

John P. Frank
Distinguished Legal Scholar and Lincoln Biographer

The Honorable Harlington Wood Jr.
Circuit Judge United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

The Honorable John B. Hannum
Senior United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

The Honorable James R. Thompson
Former Governor of Illinois

The Honorable Robert C. Underwood
Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Illinois

The Honorable Abraham Lincoln Marovitz
Senior United States District Judge, Chicago

The Spirit of Lincoln Award

The award was established to recognize individuals who have displayed the spirit of Abraham Lincoln in their professional careers for the betterment of humanity. The award itself is a bust of Abraham Lincoln by Illinois sculptor John McClarey specifically created for this award.

President Lincoln and his administration were the force behind many laws that Americans still feel the effects of today. The fact that he worked to improve the lives of Americans through legislation while serving as commander-in-chief during the Civil War inspired a committee of the ALA board members to create this annual award.

“His administration gave us several gifts which we still enjoy today,” Dr. Wayne Temple, Distinguished Director of the ALA and Chief Deputy Director of the Illinois State Archives, said. “The Morrill Act gave federal lands to the States so that they might create land -grant colleges or universities one in each state. The National Bank Act improved banking. The Pacific Highway Act brought about the transcontinental railroad. The Homestead Act opened up the great West for settlement to those without large financial means.”

Award Recipients

Presented to Dr. Rodney Davis and Dr. Douglas Wilson of Knox College

Presented to Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, in memory of her parents.

The Abraham Lincoln Association (ALA) awarded Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita B. Garman with its first-ever “Spirit of Lincoln Award”.