Past Events

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's 2017 Banquet Speech

An Evening with the Mt. Rushmore Presidents

ALA Banquet

Feb 12, 2014

ALA Watch Night & Freedom's First Day

Dec 31, 2013 & Jan 1, 2013

200th Birthday Banquet

February 12, 2009

Each year on February 12th, The Abraham Lincoln Association holds a banquet in honor of Lincoln's birthday.  The 2009 banquet celebrated the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln.  The guest of honor and speaker at the 2009 banquet was President Barack Obama.  Over 1,200 people attended.  An advance invitation to the banquet is one of the benefits of membership in the ALA.

President Obama Welcomed by Lura Lynn Ryan, Governor Pat Quinn, Loretta Durbin, and Richard Hart


Governor Edgar Introduces The President




Guests in the Banquet Room Await the President

President Arrives in the Banquet Room

Desert was provided by Eli's Cheesecake of Chicago

100th Anniversary Banquet

February 12, 2008

Each year on February 12th, The Abraham Lincoln Association holds a banquet in honor of Lincoln's birthday.  The speaker at the banquet is a well-known historian, politician, or celebrity.  At the ALA's 100th anniversary banquet in 2008, over four hundred people attended.  An advance invitation to the banquet is one of the benefits of membership in the ALA.

Banquet Speaker Michael Beschloss

100th Anniversary of The Abraham Lincoln Association





2008 Lincoln Symposium

February 11 and 12, 2008


2008 Endowment Reception

February 12, 2008





1865 Presidential Press Conference

October 4, 2007


Featuring George Buss as Abraham Lincoln.

Video of this event, courtesy of the Illinois Channel.

Lincoln Presenter George Buss speaks with a student prior to the October 4, 2007 Presidential Press Conference at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.


An American Dream

February 11, 2008

The Abraham Lincoln Association and the Springfield and Bloomington, Illinois chapters of the NAACP sponsored an Illinois Symphony Orchestra concert titled An American Dream on February 11, 2008, in Springfield and on February 13, 2008, in Bloomington, Illinois.

On February 11, 2008, students from schools in Springfield, Illinois took part in the American Dream concert sponsored by the ALA and the NAACP, Springfield and Bloomington, Illinois chapters.




June 20, 2008

For a number of years, ALA Board members Judge Richard Mills and Daniel Stowell have dreamed of a monument to properly mark the unmarked Oak Ridge Cemetery burial site of Judge Samuel Hubbel Treat.  Treat was a Lincoln friend and an important early Illinois lawyer and judge.  His marker was to be a coequal of the magnificent markers of the Judge?s contemporaries buried near him?a tall obelisk. The Illinois Bar Foundation led fundraising efforts.  Last fall the ALA offered to contribute $2,500 to the Foundation as a challenge grant to the lawyer golfers at the Illinois Bar Association?s fall outing.  It worked.  The final money needed was raised, the monument was ordered and on June 20, 2008, the dream came true?a beautiful monument was dedicated, with remarks by Judge Mills to a group of about 40 people who attended. 







John Weck, President of the Illinois State Historical Society presents

the award which was accepted on behalf of the ALA

by Mary Shepherd, Executive Assistant

Past Banquet Speakers

Past Symposia Participants


2011 Banquet and Symposium


Head Table

Robert A. Stuart, Jr., Dr. Allen Guelzo, Robert J. Lenz,

Bishop Paprocki and Dr. Stewart Winger

Dr. Stewart Winger and Banquet Speaker Dr. Allen Guelzo

Jan Grimes and Eileen Mackevich

Perry Knop, Senator Richard Durbin, ALA President Robert Lenz

and Lt. Governor Sheila Simon

Jan Grimes, Bishop Paprocki, Richard Durbin

Bob Willard and Richard Durbin

Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Henderson, Jr.

Judge and Mrs. Richard Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis

Mr. Perry Knop, Lt. Governor Sheila Simon, Bishop Paprocki,

and Senator Richard Durbin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stuart, Jr. and Robert Willard

Don Tracy and Dr. Russell McClintock       

Dr. Lucas Morel and Dr. Allen Guelzo

Mr. Perry Knopp, Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and

Bishop Paprocki

Dr. Michael Holt, Dr. Jonathan Earle, Dr. Michael Burlingame

and Dr. Brooks Simpson

Guy Fraker, Karen Schmidt and Ruth Ann Fraker

Abraham Lincoln Association Symposium Round Table,

February 12, 2011

Dr. Jonathan White, Dr. Russell McClintock, Dr. Brooks Simpson, Dr. Michael Holt

and Dr. Jonathan Earle


Dr. Russell McClintock addressing Symposium Luncheon

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, February 12, 2011, Springfield, IL

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