To observe each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln; to preserve and make more readily accessible the landmarks associated with his life; and to actively encourage, promote and aid the collection and dissemination of authentic information regarding all phases of his life and career

We Invite You to Contribute to the Endowment Fund

Keep The Story Alive in the Next 100 Years

During the last 100 years, The Abraham Lincoln Association has made significant contributions to keeping alive the unique story and ideals of the Greatest American.  Those contributions have taken many forms, including the publication of scholarly works, providing teaching materials to students, and providing preservation assistance for Lincoln sites.  Many of those contributions are listed at the ALA History/Projects tab.

In the next 100 years, it will be even more important to keep the story of Abraham Lincoln alive and relevant to future generations.  To do so will require an endowment that will permit funding of important projects.  Without an endowment, opportunities will be lost.  Please join in keeping the story alive in the next 100 years.

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If you would prefer to make your donation in cash, please mail your check to:

The Abraham Lincoln Association
1 North Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1507

Perhaps you would prefer to make a donation other than cash.  If so, please call the ALA Executive Assistant, Mary Shepherd, at toll free number 866-865-8500 to discuss your wishes.  You may also call Mary Shepherd to discuss possible estate planning methods of making your contribution. 




LEVEL $10,000 and above

Molly M. Becker

Evanston, Illinois

Robert and Nell Eckley

Bloomington, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Lehrman

Greenwich, Connecticut



LEVEL $5,000 to $9,999

Richard E. and Ann Hart

Springfield, Illinois

Jane Eckley Lennon

Oakland, California

Robert J. Lenz

Bloomington, Illinois

Lee B. McTurnan

Carmel, Indiana

Mrs. Charles Northrup

Springfield, Illinois

Charles C. Patton, Deceased

James A. Rawley, Deceased

Benjamin Shapell

Beverly Hills, California



LEVEL $2,500 to $4,999

Mrs. Helen G. Campbell

Peoria, Illinois

Robert George Eckley

Clayton, Missouri

Fred and Kathy Hoffmann

Springfield, Illinois

Mark A. Plummer

Bloomington, Illinois

John and Jeanne M. Rowe

Chicago, Illinois

Donald R. Tracy

Springfield, Illinois



LEVEL $1,000 to $2,499

Dan Bannister, Deceased

Mrs. Floyd Barringer, Deceased

Judith Barringer and Rich Kerhlikar

Springfield, Illinois

Roger D. Bridges

Bloomington, Illinois

Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden

Springfield, Illinois

Michael Burlingame

Springfield, Illinois

Nicholas D. DiGiovanni

Marlborough, Massachusetts

Paul and Penny Eckley

Normal, Illinois

Donald H. Funk

Springfield, Illinois

Earl W. Henderson, Jr.

Springfield, Illinois

Betty J. Hickey

Elkhart, Illinois

Willa Jean Jones, Deceased

Caryl and Walter (Deceased) Lohman

Springfield, Illinois

Saul J. Morse

Springfield, Illinois

Phillip S. Paludan, Deceased

William and Mary Shepherd

Bloomington, Illinois

Robert A. Stuart

Springfield, Illinois

Nancy J. Watson

Springfield, Illinois




$500 to $999

Kenneth L. Anderson

Highland, Indiana

R. Lou Barker

Springfield, Illinois

Stephen P. Bartholf

Bonita Springs, Florida

J. Gordon and Sandra Bidner

Carlock, Illinois

Glen L. Bower

Effingham, Illinois

Daniel W. Cadigan

Springfield, Illinois

Charles and Nancy Chapin

Chatham, Illinois

Mary Lynne Cleverdon

Springfield, Illinois

David Herbert Donald, Deceased

Phillip and GamGee Dripps

St. Charles, Illinois

Shirley S. Edwards

Lincoln, Illinois

Norman D. Hellmers

Valparaiso, Indiana

Robert R. Higley

Estes Park, CO

John E. Howell

Alexandria, Virginia

Robert W. Johannson

Champaign, Illinois

Katherine Kowa

Newman, Georgia

Judge Richard Mills

Springfield, Illinois

Robert Scott Ralston

Normal, Illinois

Thomas F. Schwartz

Springfield, Illinois

Evelyn M. Thomas

Springfield, Illinois

Daniel Weinberg

Chicago, Illinois

Warren Winston

Pittsfield, Illinois

Judge Harlington Wood, Jr., Deceased




$499 and under

Alfred and Harriet Arkley

Bellingham, WA

David M. Barringer Springfield, Illinois

Dan Barringer

Bloomington, Illinois

Winifred Barringer Memorial Trust

Douglas Barringer

Springfield, Illinois

Rick Beard

Springfield, Illinois

Wilson J. Beebe, Jr.

Red Bank, New Jersey

Florence Fifer Bloomer

Normal, Illinois

Allan G. Bogue

Madison, Wisconsin

Theodore Brown

Knoxville, Tennessee

Robert Bunn

Springfield, Illinois

Peter Bunten

Takoma Park, Maryland

Kevin and Lisa Callis

Bloomington, Illinois

Allan and Marlene Campbell

Peoria, Illinois

Ray and Ann Capestrain

Springfield, Illinois

Burrus M. Carnahan

Vienna, Virginia

Marie E. Childers

Springfield, Illinois

Len and Marilyn Colaizzi

John Corey-Qua,

Springfield, Missouri

John E. Daley, Deceased

Robert Davis

Springfield, Illinois

Rodney O. Davis

Galesburg, Illinois

Derrel D. Davis

Springfield, Illinois-

Brooks Davis

Chicago, Illinois

William H. Diller

Springfield, Illinois

John A. DiNome

Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Richard W. Dyke

Indianapolis, Indiana

Thomas Ewing

Pontiac, Illinois

Lenore Farmer

Venetia, Pennsylvania

John M. Field

Winnetka, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. C. Bryant Flatt

Springfield, Illinois

Roy L. French

Virginia, Illinois

John W. Frisch

Bloomington, Illinois

Kevin R. Galley

Lacon, Illinois

Jacqueline Wollan Gibbons

Denton, Texas

Anne L. Goff

Tampa, Florida

Donald R. Graham

Springfield, Illinois

Gerry D. Greenberg

Tuscon, Arizona

Harold S. Gross

Flushing, New York

Allen C. Guelzo

Paoli, Pennsylvania

William Hanchett

San Diego, California

Kathryn M. Harris,

Springfield, Illinois

Bruce F. Hart

Streator, Illinois

Mark S. Heaney

Schererville, Indiana

Gary D. Hinkle

Bremen, Indiana

Clifford R. Hope, Jr.

Garden City, Kansas

David Joens

Springfield, Illinois

James L. Kappel

Springfield, Illinois

Ron and Cynthia Keller

Lincoln, Illinois

Mrs. O. J. Keller

Atlanta, Georgia

John B. Kincaid

Wheaton, Illinois

Nancy F. Koehn

Belmont, Massachusetts

Simon Kushmar

Garden City, Missouri

Tom Lalicki

Briarcliff Manor, New York

Robert C. Lanphier III

Dawson, Illinois

Keith A. Larson

Locust Grove, Virginia

John K. Lattimer

Englewood, New York

Jane Lawder

Springfield, Illinois

Myron Marty

Monticello, Illinois

Marilyn E. Mason

Springfield, Illinois

Michael A. Mattingly

Morris, Illinois

Diana J. Mercer

Grove City, Ohio

Robert E. Miller

Winter Haven, Florida

Susan Mogerman

Springfield, Illinois

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Moy

Springfield, Illinois

Alan and Joanne Nadritch

Bernicia, California

Tony and Signe Oakley

Quincy, Illinois

James W. Patton III

Springfield, Illinois

Samuel Perroni

Little Rock, Arkansas

John R. Power

Jacksonville, Illinois

Gerald J. Prokopowicz

Greenville, North Carolina

Louis N. Pyster

Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Robinson

Springfield, Illinois

John C. Ryan

Murphysboro, Illinois

James A. Singleton

Springfield, Illinois

William Skemp

Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Edward G. Stamm

Lexington, Kentucky

Zach Stamp

New Berlin, Illinois

Fred Stericker

Springfield, Illinois

Nicky Stratton

Springfield, Illinois

Cori Stuart

Springfield, Illinois

Richard Suhs

Springfield, Illinois

Louise Taper

Beverly Hills, California

F. John Taylor

Virginia, Illinois

Robert T. Taylor

Baton Rouge, LA

Wayne C. Temple

Springfield, Illinois

William Termini

Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Thomas

Springfield, Illinois Eric Tobin

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Mary W. Trevor

Charlottesville, Virginia

John T. Trutter, Deceased

Margaret Van Meter

Springfield, Illinois

Andy Van Meter

Springfield, Illinois

C. E. Van Norman, Jr.

Neversink, New Jersey

Elizabeth A. Van Steenwyk

Paso Robles, California

J. Renee Vonbergen

San Jose, California

Richard Weidenbacher, Deceased

Robert S. Willard

University Park, Maryland

Douglas L. Wilson

Galesburg, Illinois

Stewart L. Winger

Bloomington, Illinois

Michael D. Zecher

Aledo, Illinois


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